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The driver was prompt and so helpful with all the luggage.The team at Vuga Uganda was very hospitable and accommodating for all our group's needs and questions. When traveling through Uganda, I would definitely hire them again!
Herbert was a great tour guide, driver, and companion. Importantly we worked together before the trip to design an experience which covered all the places I wanted to see. Herbert was very knowledgeable and presented many options. We saw the gorillas in Bwindi, chimps on an island in Lake Victoria, and drove up to Arua to visit the refugee camps and see the work missionaries are doing there. All told, an excellent adventure, and I would recommend Herbert and Mission Guest House to anyone.
Ken. H
We had one of their drivers give us a tour of a few local spots around Entebbe and he dropped us at a restaurant for dinner where we sat on the side of lake Victoria and enjoyed our meal. All the staff were friendly. Great trip!
John. D
United Kingdom
  • Experience the finest service with our travel company where we uphold the highest standards of professional tour guidance and service principles. We ensure your journey is not just safe, but also meticulously organized to offer the most enriching experiences.
  • We believe in delivering more than just travel experiences; we deliver memories that last a lifetime. Our commitment to respect, honesty, integrity, and a vibrant attitude is present in every interaction you have with us.
  • Our services don’t stop at leisure travel. We proudly extend our services to humanitarian volunteers, NGOs, and faith-based organizations, focusing on vulnerable and affected locations within the heart of Uganda.
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