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Simply by traveling with us, you’ll have a positive and lasting impact on a child’s life in Uganda.
We refer to it as the “The Dream project” because for each safari, a child gets an opportunity to stay on track in the pursuit of their dreams.

Our communities are a mixed bag of all colour of people. Whereas a few of them are affluent and have socio-economic conditions that enable them to succeed in life, the majority are underprivileged and disadvantaged by the socio-economic statutes they are born into. Yet, many of them are variously talented and have diverse seminal potentials, which when appropriately nurtured can catapult them to places where they can achieve their full potential. 

The current efforts by the government of Uganda, and some civil society organisations to help young people in distress are insufficient because they focus much on the provision of education, as a way of giving the subjects of the intervention a chance in life. Our thinking is that whereas education is a necessary component, it is not the only one that can lead people to a successful life. 

We are aware that it is not just intervention that will enable the underprivileged to succeed; rather, we are cognizant that it is the right intervention. Our knowledge of diversity leads us to conclude that one-size-fits-all approach of intervention does not work. Incident to that knowledge, we employ a targeted, surgical approach wherein we apply a unique intervention approach to each beneficiary, as their talent dictates.      

Our non profit arm, The Nimbaasa Organization is fully dedicated to making the dream project a reality. Become a part of our commitment.

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