De parel van Afrika

Geografie en klimaat

Oeganda ligt in Oost-Afrika en grenst aan Kenia in het oosten, de Democratische Republiek Congo in het westen, Zuid-Soedan in het noorden, Tanzania in het zuiden en Rwanda in het zuidwesten.  
It is one of the few countries that enjoy good weather with temperature averaging between 23°C and 27°C, although it can drop to between 12°C and 18°C at night in some areas. The country experiences dry seasons, when there is generally no rainfall, and wet seasons when it gets generally rainy. The dry season is typically from December/January through to mid-March and from June through to mid-September.

Uganda is a diverse country known for its wide range of local and continental cuisines. In the Central, Western, and South Western regions, a popular local dish is Matooke, which consists of green bananas that are peeled, boiled or steamed, and mashed in banana leaves. This delicious mashed matooke is often served with beans, beef stew, groundnuts, or chicken stew. Another common dish in Uganda is Posho, which is made by combining corn flour with boiling water and is typically enjoyed with stews and beans.

In the Eastern, Northern, and North-Eastern parts of Uganda, different tribes have their own popular cuisines. For example, millet bread made from millet flour is a staple, often paired with various stews or beans. Cassava, sweet potatoes, and yam are also widely consumed in Ugandan households and local restaurants, typically served alongside flavorful stews. Additionally, potatoes are a popular choice, usually enjoyed as “chips” or French fries, particularly in urban areas. These fries are commonly served with fried chicken or fish.

When exploring the streets of Ugandan towns and urban centers, you’ll come across stalls selling a popular snack called “rolex.” A rolex consists of a tortilla or chapatti wrapped around fried eggs and vegetables, offering a tasty and convenient bite. However, for Asian, European, and North American visitors, many restaurants and hotels also provide a variety of continental dishes.

Uganda truly offers a culinary experience that caters to different tastes and preferences, showcasing the rich diversity and flavors of the country’s cuisine.

Uganda is a country rich in cultural diversity, with numerous tribes and ethnicities spread throughout its land. Each tribe possesses a unique cultural identity, language, and a distinct set of customs and traditions. While most tribes do not have a formal hierarchy, some are led by cultural heads or “kings” whose responsibility is to unite their tribesmen and preserve their language, customs, and traditions. Two notable examples are the Batwa tribe in South-Western Uganda, who continue to live in a primitive and natural way of life, and the IK tribe in North Eastern Uganda.

De ware definitie van gastvrijheid

Vrede en veiligheid

Uganda is a serene and secure haven, exuding tranquility and peace. Compared to its African counterparts, the crime rate in Ugandan cities and towns is remarkably low. Despite past civil unrest, the country has achieved remarkable stability and safety across its entirety. Upholding the utmost safety of tourists remains a paramount concern, with a dedicated police division assigned to their protection, particularly within game parks. Furthermore, each park boasts game rangers who have a specific responsibility for ensuring the well-being of visitors.

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Some of the most sought-after destinations in Uganda include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, famous for its majestic gorillas; Kibaale National Park, renowned for its vibrant chimpanzee population; Rwenzori National Park, a paradise for avid hikers and nature enthusiasts; Lake Mburo National Park, home to a diverse array of zebras; and Queen Elizabeth National Park, where you can spot tree-climbing lions.

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