About Kabale

Kabale town is situated in Kabale district in south western Uganda; about six hours and 32 minutes drive from Kampala or approximately 409.8 km by road.

Kabale is a border town on the Uganda-Rwanda border and is inhabited predominantly by Bakiga who in or around 1889 are believed to have emigrated from Rwanda.

Legend has it that the name “Kabale” is derived from two indigenous words namely, “ka” which is a loose referent to a tiny or small thing, and “bale” which means a stone. It is said that the original place of settlement had a small stone, hence the name “kabale”. Kabale is a true wonder of Uganda. Also colloquially known as the “Switzerland of Africa” because of its spectacular undulating landscape,  Kabale has plenty attractions you don’t want to miss seeing, from lake Bunyonyi, to Ihimba hot springs.


The Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa only second to Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, with a depth of up to 900 meters (approximately 2953 feet). Lake Bunyonyi derives its name from two indigenous words to that is to say, “bu” which loosely refers to “small things”, and “nyonyi” which means “birds”. Hence, “Bu-nyonyi” means small birds. Lake Bunyonyi can therefore be accurately referred to the Lake of small birds, precisely because a variety of small birds are always around the Lake referred to.  Lake Bunyonyi is a lava-dammed lake that offers very much for tourists such as breathtaking views, and a serene environment that is free from pollution and the hustle and bustle of characteristic of cities.

Lake Bunyonyi harbors up to 200 bird species including Herons, egrets, African Harrier Hawk, grey crowned cranes, et cetera.

Key Attractions in Kabale

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